Your orthodontist practice is very important to you — important enough that you want it to continue to grow. If you’ve reached a plateau in your business, then it’s time to change strategies.

You may wonder why you should mess with a good thing, and the reasons are simple: If you want to get even better results, you must change up the game. In this case, many great tools lie with SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.

There are 10 effective SEO strategies that can spell success for the orthodontist practice, and here they are.

1. Link building

You will want to learn all there is to know about building links and employing link marketing. With this tool, you’ll find that business will increase dramatically.

2. Avoid the new Panda project

Google has implemented a way to catch links or other SEO techniques that it regards as spam-related. In order to avoid this, you must have relevant content about your company, not just filler largely copied from elsewhere.

3. Keyword Magic

When you’re writing web content or blog posts, you must remember to use keyword magic. Too few keywords will not do, and to many will get your posts flagged as spam. There’s a magic balance to creating content.

4. Know your competitors’ strengths and weakness

Even with SEO strategies, you will want to know who and what you’re up against. If you can get a basic idea about your competitors’ weapons, then you’ll have an idea of how much time you want to put into your promotional efforts.

5. Research

Before attempting any new strategies, use this one. Research every aspect of what you’re doing and make sure you do it correctly. The wrong SEO techniques are sometimes worse than not utilizing any at all.

6. Strong branding

Nothing drives traffic like a strong brand and image. This generally catches the attention of viewers and makes them want to return again and again. What is remembered is what will be more desirable. Your strong online presence keeps you at the top of the search engines.

7. The best links

Linking with those who are already in the top rankings on the search engines will also help your company. Linking up with big timers will pull you up as well.

8. Searchable content

Try always to write about popular content; that is, content that’s searched on a regular basis. Also, include relevant keywords to that content, as well.

9. Use meta tags

Whenever you can possibly do so, use meta tags and descriptions to raise your ranking on the search engines.

10. Restructure your website

Always be renewing, or changing up, the look of your website. This will renew and preserve the attention of those who are already familiar with it.

There are many ways to spell success when it comes to SEO strategies. Start off with the basics and over time, you will become an expert in the field. Your orthodontist practice will thrive because of your hard work.