Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the means by which one improves their websites placement in the search engine results.  A wise man or woman once said, “A website is only as good as the traffic in which you drive to it.”  Often times business owners get caught up in web design and neglect the most important factor, attracting quality site traffic!. Our in-house search engine marketing expert has 12 years of driving profitable web traffic.  Entity Creative offers on-going SEO campaigns, one time SEO projects.  




Content Marketing 

Entity Creative has spent nearly a decade developing win-win relationships with website and blog administrators. Together we will craft content that tastefully works in your business message that is fresh and “share-worthy”. Next, we use our agency connections to promote your content to high traffic websites and blogs. Google rewards traffic by putting your content in their search results!


Content with SEO Keywords

If your website is not actively updated with new and interesting content, your website’s Google placement will suffer.  Entity Creative delivers professionally written SEO friendly content.  Our agency uses advanced keyword research methods that focus on finding profitable keywords for our clients!


Website Review

Entity Creative offers in-depth analysis of elements that impact your website’s ability to appear in the Google search results.  Elements, such as, website architecture, social media signals and page load times are just a few factors that Entity Creative will examine in our thorough website analysis.  Our web marketing expert will also provide a list of actionable items to remedy the issues we come across.

Entity Creative has grown to more than just an SEO company but remains one of core areas of expertise.  If you are still asking, “What can SEO do for my business?”  From a broad perspective, effective search engine optimization will deliver a higher volume of relevant traffic to your website.  This, in turn, means more sales for your business.  SEO also provides the most cost effective marketing solution for business owners.  According to HubSpot data from 2012: SEO, blogging and social media have a 61% lower cost per lead than traditional outbound marketing.  Clients that opt for a monthly search engine optimization campaign also receive a detailed monthly report.  Entity Creative reporting provides insight into website traffic trends, customer inquiries, and top performing keywords.  We view our advanced reporting as the best way to put our money where our mouth is!  Click below for more info on an SEO solution that fits your needs and your budget.


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