If you are planning a home-based office, some essential items will keep you organized, productive, and content while working out of your home. Whether you’ve carved out an alcove, a windowless basement, or a converted bedroom, there are must-have accessories that will make your work environment more work-friendly.

Here are seven must-haves to get you started.

1. WiFi/high-speed Internet access

While you might be able to get along without it, in today’s fast-paced digital world, business today requires a lot of memory for exchanging and transferring files. Dial-up connectivity is a thing of the past. High-speed WiFi connectivity is essential and should be considered for your entire house to provide the flexibility to be mobile with one’s laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

2. Wireless telephone headset

Depending on how much phone time you’ll require for your work, a wireless telephone headset may be a solid investment. Cradling or wedging the phone into the crook of your neck, especially during long conference calls, can damage your back and spinal cord. If you don’t like a full wrap-around headset, you can use one of the smaller Bluetooth headsets that only needs to attach to one ear.

3. Comfortable ergonomic chair

To reduce unnecessary pain over the long haul, invest in a good chair. This is the place where you’ll spend the most time, so it pays to invest in one that’s ergonomically constructed and will not cause posture issues down the road. Look for chairs that especially support the lower lumbar region of your back.

4. Proper lighting

You need plenty of pleasant, glare-free light in your office. Eyestrain creates stress, headaches, and interferes with productivity. A tall lamp that shines upward toward the ceiling is recommended as well.

5. Going mobile

While not a must-have a few years back, today it’s becoming a necessity to go mobile. Your smartphone can be a formidable home office tool in conjunction with your home computer. Cloud based smartphone aps such as Dropbox (which can be loaded on your computer and synched with your smartphone) will allow you to create documents in your home office or on the road which you can access remotely no matter where you are.

6. Software

In order to use your computer, you will need to acquire and install software packages. The latest and updated Windows OS edition (or Mac OS) is essential. Also updated versions of firewall and anti-virus software are absolutely necessary.

If your job requires some specific software solutions (e.g., software for making online payments and managing tax deductions, VPN software, desktop applications for data sharing, collaboration tools like VIP Task Manager), take care of purchasing, installing, and launching such solutions beforehand.

7. Office supplies

Stock your office with the same supplies you would find in a traditional office. The most important things you should have are a pad, pen, highlighter, and notebook, particularly when your Internet connection goes down, or you decide to take a call somewhere else in the house.

The above is not an inclusive list of must-have accessories, but it will certainly get your home office started and ready for business. At the end of the day, however, don’t forget some of the reasons you decided to set up a home business. For many, working out of one’s home allows us to trade in “working for the man” and all those long commutes, for the ability to kick back and enjoy our home as soon as we clock out for the day.

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