If you have a business, you should also have a website, even if you don’t offer any services for sale online. Potential customers will want to check out your web presence just to get an idea of who you are and how well you do what you do.

A poorly designed website suggests a lack of professionalism and turns people away. So even though you may not consider your website important to your business, it is.

Fortunately, it’s easy to have a good-looking website that will attract customers and boost business. Here are five basic tips for good website design.


1. Create quality content

Content might not be the first thing you think of design-wise, but it’s the most important element of your site overall. People aren’t visiting your site to see amazing design; they’re visiting because they want information of some sort.

Make sure the basics of your business are covered right on the front page: where you are, what you do, when you’re open, and any other general questions. Remember, people are generally visiting your site not to explore every page, but just to obtain specific information as quickly as possible.


2. Limit page length

Some business has a lot of information they want to convey on their site, and there’s certainly reason for that on legal, dental, or medical sites. Just remember to limit each page to approximately two screens’ worth of length. However, keep in mind SEO best practices say no fewer than 300 words.

Much more and your audience will feel lost in a fog of words. But with the right navigation and appropriate length limits, your audience will appreciate sections of your site devoted to more general information about the services you provide.


3. Implement efficient navigation

The general rule regarding website design is to assume every page is someone’s first introduction to your site. As such, clear navigation is key. Include an easy-to-use navigation bar — typically, this would be on the top of each page. Also, have an easy way for customers to reach your contact page. Sometimes people want nothing more than your phone number or address.


4. Don’t be annoying

During the dawn of the Internet, websites employed all sorts of multi-media novelties to attract attention. Fortunately, that type of design has fallen out of fashion.

So don’t have your website auto-play music or videos. Don’t have pop-ups. Don’t link to .PDF menu files. Just keep the design clean, clear, and stable. In short, when it comes to web page design, don’t be annoying.


5. Pics, please

Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially if you’re selling a product. Eventually, a customer wants to know the specifications, but on first glance, these pictures provide all the information necessary.

A potential customer can see what type of bar interests him or her, and then click to get more information. One picture of a product is certainly more engaging and informative than a written description.

A good website is one for which you might not get a lot of feedback. That’s because customers visit, obtain the information they need, then go on with their day. But when a website is bad, your customers will remember it and likely move on to a business that’s easier to deal with.

Fortunately, it’s easy to create an informative, easy website. Your customers will certainly notice and appreciate that.


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