Business blogs can prove challenging for busy companies trying to grow a customer base and get the word out about what they do … and why they’re the best at it. If you’re running a business blog and it isn’t producing the results you need or expected, it may be time for a revamp.

A few changes can turn your blog into a powerful brand representative and a source of new leads. Here are some revamp tips when you’re going over your strategy.

1. Take lessons in good content


Going outside your company for a little expertise can be a great way to improve blog quality. Guest posts are one option, but for a more long-term approach, consider spending a little money on training your best social media employees on how to write effective blog posts.

Send them to seminars and classes that teach effective SEO, powerful online writing techniques, and the basics of design or marketing. Cultivating your internal resources will help grow your blog, too.

2. Schedule the work


For many small and fast-paced companies, posting on a blog at regular intervals can be a challenge. Readers love frequent articles that they know will appear at regular times.

The best solution is to create a strict blog schedule that has you posting once every few days or at least once a week. Use a common collaborative calendar tool to share this calendar with all your employees so they know what to expect and can share the posts with their friends.

For a business blog, posting during businesses hours is actually a good idea and can enhance the response you get.

3. Form an idea team


If your blog is feeling a little stale and you need a boost, create a team dedicated to learning new blog techniques and brainstorming ideas. Multiple viewpoints on the appeal of a blog may also prove fruitful.

4. Base your design on viewer simplicity


Blogs raise dozens of design questions that harassed business leaders rarely have time to wrestle with. The best solution is to pick the simplest design options that carry the necessary materials for viewers, and do little more.

Don’t try to dazzle with all the information you have at hand. Instead, use an easy, highly navigable blog that provides readers with a clear tool for sharing and acting. Participation is great, but keep calls to action large, clear, and friendly.


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