In today’s market, it’s essential to use the Internet to put a business before the public, and for potential clients to find services that they need. Realtors today have to use all forms of marketing, including online resources, to stay ahead of the competition, especially if they want be the first listed item when home buyers (or sellers) are searching online for a Realtor in their area.

One way to be sure a real estate agent’s name and site are prominent in search results is to use search engine optimization (SEO) keywords — common terms, like “realtor(s),” “real estate agent(s),” “find(ing) a realtor,” “how to find a real estate broker” or “top/best real estate agent(s),” and many more.

Selling a home

For a client who’s looking to sell his home, be sure that these keywords are on your Realtor site; these are the more common terms that sellers input on search engines: “selling a home,” “how to sell your home,” “sell house/home fast,” “ways to sell your house,” or “home/house selling tips.”

Buyers of homes

When people are looking for a house to purchase and search for a Realtor for professional assistance, they’ll most often enter the following terms in a search engine: “buy(ing) a home,” “house for sale (on),” “real estate listing(s),” “cheap/big houses for sale,” or ” find real estate.”

Other services

If a client is not looking to buy or sell a house outright, then he or she might need a Realtor for other reasons, such as buying a short sale or foreclosure; for sale by owner advice; seller tips; buying condos, townhouses, or villas; multiple listing services; or first-time home buyers.

Keywords for these various other services and forms of advice may include: “first time home buyer(s),” “first time home buyer program(s),” or “first (time) home buyer tips.” Multiple listing searches can yield “MLS listings,” “multiple listing service(s),” or “MLS multiple listing services.”

When they’re trying to locate condos, villas, and townhomes for sale, buyers will search for “condo(s) for sale,” “villa(s) for sale,” or “townhome(s) for sale.”

For people trying to find foreclosures, clients may be searching for “foreclosure homes,” “foreclosures for sale,” “foreclosure listing(s),” “list of foreclosure(s),” “tips on buying foreclosures,” or “foreclosure homes for sale.” Anyone trying to purchase a foreclosure should look into sources for real estate foreclosures.

The 30 keyword suggestions above can help real estate agents drive traffic to their pages and get clients that are searching for services that they provide.