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A web site is only as good as the traffic you drive to it.  Entity Creative’s SEO expert knows what it takes to get your website on Google’s front page!

Website Design

We build beautiful websites with the most friendly user interface on the market today!  Our website designs are fully customized.  Why be like everyone else?

Blog Development

Be the authority in your field with a winning blog!  Entity Creative offers a comprehensive blend of services including: blog design, blog article creation and guest blogging service.

Mobile Websites

We are an Android and iPhone and all of the above website development company.  We create seamless online experiences that will keep your customers coming back.

Social Media

Entity Creative offers a blend of social media solutions including: profile design, on-going social media management and all things blog.

Content Creation

Entity Creative delivers professionally written content that is search engine friendly.  Be the authority in your profession!

Web Videos

Entity Creative delivers high quality online video testimonials  on a well crafted business YouTube channel for your business.  Capturing the essence of someone’s overall demeanor is more impactful then a paragraph of text!

Website Reviews

Entity Creative offers an in-depth analysis of elements that impact your website’s ability to appear in the Google search results. Our analysis will uncover any web¬site architecture or usability issues.

Our Work

How to View Your Website From Your Customers’ Perspective

  It doesn’t matter if you’re providing a product or a service. It doesn’t matter if your store exists entirely online or supplements your bricks-and-mortar business. Because no matter what you sell or service you provide, you need a great website. A website conveys a sense of legitimacy. If you don’t have one, many people won’t believe you’re a real business. If you don’t have a website, new customers won’t go to great lengths to find you. You need to show up in search results or else people will simply move on to businesses that do. It’s not terribly difficult to make your website yourself, even if you don’t have a lot of computer experience. But how do you create a website that attracts the customers you want to reach? Design with the customer in mind Your job is not to create a website that will win major awards or impress other designers. It’s to address the needs of your customers. So unless your business is somehow focused on design or art, you want to make its appearance reasonably straight-forward and clean. First, recognize that people really don’t want to spend a lot of time on your site. When people are searching for information on the Internet, they want to find it fast or they’ll just move on. So make sure your website has easy navigation and put the answers to common questions up front. If you have a bricks-and-mortar business, many people are going to want to know your address and hours of operation. If you’re an online business, people are going to visit because they want to... read more

5 Ways to Improve Your Online Business Brand

  Branding is essential. Why? It has a direct impact on the success of your business. Branding is about so much more than having a logo; it’s about establishing a level of trust with each and every one of your customers or clients. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, here are five ways to improve your online business brand. 1. Know what you stand for First things first: To improve your online brand, you need to know what you stand for. One of the biggest branding mistakes that people make is not knowing what their brand actually stands for. Take some time to consider the following: What is your business all about? Who is your target audience … and what do they associate with your brand? What do you hope to achieve in the next year? Really focus on what your brand is now and what you hope it will be in the future. 2. Focus on customer service You want your brand to be associated with positive traits, like great online customer service. So if you really want to improve your online business brand, you need to satisfy the customer. You can do that by adding in personal touches, like sending out a thank-you email or offering discounts to returning customers. You’ll also want to respond to emails in a timely manner and ensure that your product or service is delivered as soon as possible. 3. Become the authority To effectively bolster your brand, you need to establish trust. So become the authority. That’s right: If you really want to make your online... read more

5 Ways to Make Your Website Look not So Terrible

If you have a business, you should also have a website, even if you don’t offer any services for sale online. Potential customers will want to check out your web presence just to get an idea of who you are and how well you do what you do. A poorly designed website suggests a lack of professionalism and turns people away. So even though you may not consider your website important to your business, it is. Fortunately, it’s easy to have a good-looking website that will attract customers and boost business. Here are five basic tips for good website design.   1. Create quality content Content might not be the first thing you think of design-wise, but it’s the most important element of your site overall. People aren’t visiting your site to see amazing design; they’re visiting because they want information of some sort. Make sure the basics of your business are covered right on the front page: where you are, what you do, when you’re open, and any other general questions. Remember, people are generally visiting your site not to explore every page, but just to obtain specific information as quickly as possible. 2. Limit page length Some business have a lot of information they want to convey on their site, and there’s certainly reason for that on legal, dental, or medical sites. Just remember to limit each page to approximately two screens’ worth of length. However, keep in mind SEO best practices say no fewer than 300 words. Much more and your audience will feel lost in a fog of words. But with the right navigation, and... read more